Hadrian's Wall Country
Hadrian's Wall Country

Welcome to our Hadrian's Wall Country Site!

This Hadrian’s Wall Country website is dedicated to helping you find useful information on Hadrian’s Wall and its surrounding areas. A UNESCO heritage site, Hadrian’s Wall captures the imagination of Brits and foreigners alike. Significant in British history, Hadrian’s Wall dates back to Roman times and was built in around 122 AD to keep the so-called ‘barbarians’ north of the wall. Stretching right across England from Tynemouth in the East to Silloth in the West, Hadrian's Wall was a barrier that snaked all the way from Tyne and Wear, through Northumberland and up to the Cumbrian coast.

Whether it is the historical significance, the impressive nature of its construction or the sublime countryside and coastline surrounding the Wall that attracts visitors to this part of the world, it’s hard to say. One thing is for sure though, Hadrian’s Wall Country is a place that many choose to visit and it is often said to be the most popular tourist attraction in the whole of Northern England.

There are a number of heritage sites dotted along where the wall once stood that can be visited today and some are better preserved than others. Some sites are protected and preserved by English Heritage whereas others are under the care of the National Trust.

On this website, you’ll find a wealth of informed tips and recommendations on holidaying in Hadrian's Wall Country. Enjoy!